Rating “Visa Support Chance”

What is “Visa Support Chance”?

We would like employers to indicate “Visa Support Chance” rating in your postings because it is important for some job seekers to know degrees of possibility to get your support for work permit / permanent resident applications through the job. The ratings below represent the degree of support you are willing to offer to job seekers.


  • ★★★★★ Most likely / 積極的にサポートする
  • ★★★★ー Likely / 積極的に検討する
  • ★★★ーー Depends / 将来的に検討の可能性あり
  • ★★ーーー Rarely / 原則サポート予定はない
  • ★---- Very rarely / サポートしない
  • ーーーーー NA / サポートできない

Description of “Visa Support Chance”

★★★★★ Most likely / 積極的にサポートする

You are willing to offer the visa support immediately if the employee is qualified.

★★★★ー Likely / 積極的に検討する

You are willing to consider the visa support as soon as you clarify that the employee’s work meets your expectations.

★★★ーー Depends / 将来的に検討の可能性あり

You might consider the visa support for the employee in the future.

★★ーーー Rarely / 原則サポート予定はない

You don’t consider the visa support for this job position.

★---- Very rarely / サポートしない

You don’t support employees with the visa.

ーーーーー NA / サポートできない

You are not able to support employees with the visa.